Why Sponsor?

Sponsoring a pilgrim is both a joy and a responsibility.  While there are many reasons to invite someone to attend a Walk to Emmaus, the main reasons are for them to draw closer to Jesus and become better disciples. Remember that the Walk to Emmaus is not structured to solve deep-seated personal problems.


Before Sponsoring a Pilgrim:

Prayerfully review the 10 steps to being a good sponsor as outlined in the Day Four booklet you received on your Walk.


Ask Yourself:

  1. Are you willing to pray and sacrifice for your pilgrim?
  2. Have you discussed with your pilgrim and their spouse the “equal attendance” commitment?
  3. Will you care for the special needs of the pilgrim’s family during the weekend?
  4. Will you attend the Sponsor events during the weekend? (Send-off, Sponsor’s Hour, Candlelight, and Closing)
  5. Have you explained about the Reunion Groups and Gatherings?
  6. Will you accompany your pilgrim to their first monthly Gathering?
  7. Do you understand your responsibility in assisting your pilgrim in finding a Reunion Group?
  8. Are you aware of the importance of minimal contact with your pilgrim during the weekend, especially if the pilgrim is your spouse? (Serving in the conference room when you are a sponsor is strongly discouraged.)

“Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road, while He was explaining the Scriptures to us?”

Explain to the Pilgrim:

  1. The Walk to Emmaus is held at a tobacco free campus.
  2. Communion is taken by breaking a piece of bread off a loaf and dipping it into the grape juice.
  3. There are less distractions without a phone and watch.  This will help the pilgrim draw closer to a more personal relationship with God.
  4. What goes on at a Walk to Emmaus is not a “secret.”  It’s better explained to them this way: You know the excitement you feel opening a Christmas present or a birthday present?  What if you knew what was in the present before you opened it?  It would take away some of the excitement of opening it, right?  We feel it’s the same with the Walk to Emmaus.  There are so many great surprises throughout the weekend, we don’t want to spoil it for you.  However, we will still answer ANY questions you may have.
  5. What a Pilgrim needs and doesn’t need to bring.  For a list, click HERE.


Agape Guidelines:

Each pilgrim should only receive 8-12 letters. This assures that each pilgrim receives equal treatment and that pilgrims will be able to read the letters in the time available. Mark letters from family members and put them on the top of the stack so they can be read first.  Should more than 12 letters appear for a pilgrim, they will be returned to the sponsor before the Closing service so they can give them to their pilgrim afterward.

Personal agape does not include gifts given only to one pilgrim rather than all.  These are best given before or after the Walk. If gifts should appear for a pilgrim, they will be returned to the sponsor before the Closing service so they can give them to their pilgrim afterward.