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One of the most rewarding things in life is to give back and serve others. 

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Team formation occurs twice each year that usually is within a few weeks after a set of walks have been completed. If you are interested in being considered for a team or to volunteer for other activities, please complete a volunteer application at the bottom of this screen.

Prior to filling out the volunteer application please read the ‘Team Member Criteria‘ section below.

Because of the large number of volunteers and of our commitment to forming team equally divided among those with much experience, some experience and no experience, not all volunteers can be used each time. However, all volunteer applications are made available to the upcoming Lay Directors in case of last minute changes to their teams. You will therefor need to submit a new volunteer application for each set of Walks for which you want to be considered. 

Team fees are $150.00 which can be paid after team meetings begin. Final payments are due prior to the walk start date.



Team Member Criteria

In return for your sacrifice, you will be a blessing to the pilgrims, develop close friendships with other team members, and contribute to the spiritual health of members of the Hoosier Hills Emmaus Community.

Team member disciplines is critical to the success of an Emmaus weekend. It calls for obedience to the process, procedures, dynamics, and the spirit of the Walk to Emmaus. It goes far beyond the adherence to the schedule and calls for each team member to firmly commit themselves to the higher purpose of the entire weekend. 

Team members needs to realize that their role is not to relive their own Emmaus weekend, but to serve the pilgrims with a servant’s heart. As the team canon states: IT’S NOT ABOUT ME!

We don’t want to discourage anyone from serving, but a member of the Emmaus team must have a servant’s heart. Being a team member is a very humbling, rewarding, and spiritually uplifting experience.



Whether you’re a veteran or working an Emmaus weekend for the first time, before you fill out a volunteer application please review the following questions honestly and see if you are ready:

  • The Walk to Emmaus is a structured and disciplined experience and because of its life transforming potential, Emmaus calls for your very best effort during team meetings and the Walk weekend. Can you be committed to give your very best? Are you ready to be a team member?
  • Are you aware that team meetings begin approximately 3 months prior to the actual scheduled walk date?
  • Do you know that the team meetings last approximately 5 hours and are usually held on Saturday mornings with a start time of 8am?
  • Are you prepared to travel as much as additional 2 hours getting to and from meetings?
  • Are you committed to the time requirements of the weekend? You may be required to arrive at the campground as early as 1pm Thursday and stay as late as 7pm Sunday. Are you prepared to take time off from work or your family activities to fulfill this commitment?
  • Are you aware that your sleeping arrangements may not be quite as inviting as they were when you were a pilgrim? To accommodate all team members, some workers will have to make their homes in the rustic cabins (only 2 have AC & heat).
  • Are you aware that you may be sleep deprived during the weekend? Time for sleep is determined greatly by your role during the weekend.
  • Are you aware that you’ll be asked to attend (especially conference room workers) an informal 4th day meeting to share information concerning the walk (what went right, what went wrong, suggestion for improvement).


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